Tahat: Data Initiative in Algeria

Brief about the platform

The “Tahat” platform is a project developed with the support of UNICEF and in collaboration with Community Systems Foundation as part of the Data 4 All initiative, for the benefit of NESEC. The Data 4 All initiative is a global initiative that offers a configurable data toolkit for monitoring the SDGs and achieving, in the best conditions, the 2030 Agenda.

"The latter manages reliable and timely data for program planning, service delivery, transparency and accountability” (source: https://info.dataforall.org/).


Algeria is living today an important period of its history. Attached to its identity and its past and oriented towards its future and the future of its population, the country faces great challenges today.

A large reform and development project began in 2020 with objectives and challenges to be met for the short and medium term. From this perspective, the availability of significant information resources represents both a constraint as well as challenges that have to be met.

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